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Embers Loyalty System

High Rollers


  • High Rollers earn EXTRA Embers for participating in the guild events.

  • Available points for each event will be calculated as follows:

  • ((( number of patrons * 3.5 ) + 20) * 10) / number of events planned for the next 4 weeks

  • The available points are divided among the High Rollers and the F2P players that participated in the event for that week. High Rollers receive a higher amount that follows the calculation above.

Learn more about becoming a High Roller here.

  • Free-2-Play members of the community will earn Embers at a lower rate than our High Rollers. Embers will be added whenever a non-patron participates in an event.

  • F2P members are not automatically on the leaderboard. They will be added to the leaderboard once they participate in an event.



  1. lonejohnwolf

  2. Shady_lycan

  3. JustFluffyPanda

  4. ShelbyLeigh96

  5. Art3misHunt

PSSSST! Don't see your name here or you have the incorrect amount of embers? Let an Elder know over on Discord or contact us!

Embers Store

Here you can use your earned embers to purchase one of our awesome prizes! 

Please allow 7 days for monetary prizes.

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